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Winteringham Primary School

School Road, Winteringham, North Lincolnshire, DN15 9NL
Tel: 01724 732324 | Email: admin@bridgefederation.co.uk

Eco School

We are an Eco-School, part of an international programme that promotes sustainability and aims to educate children about environmental issues. Our school provides a positive model which will help bring about changes in children’s behaviour towards reducing waste, which in turn will be followed through into homes and communities.  We have just been awarded with the Green Flag for the 2nd time. The Green Flag award is very important to our school and pupils across all year groups work hard in Eco Club which is one of our ‘Fun Friday’ activities! The children in ECO-Club have special jobs to do like reading the energy meters and analysing how much energy the school is using. Members of our school Eco-Committee also write a mini newspaper for Winteringham called the ‘Eco Times.’

The children are involved in a variety of other jobs including; energy monitoring, litter picking, recycling the paper, growing vegetables which are used in our school dinners and monitoring how much photocopying we do in school.

Our pupils also monitor and record the amount of left over food waste there is each lunchtime with a focus on reducing this.

The members of ECO-Club present what they have been doing in an assembly to the whole school every Thursday.

We now have an outside classroom so classes can enjoy their lessons outdoors when the weather is nice.

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